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A Catenary Wire For Your Head has a post about the most innovative thing to come out of Vienna since Maria turned those ugly drapes into clothes for the von Trapp children. It’s the “Railroad Sleep Hanger,” and it’s a triangle-shaped device that hangs from … Continue reading

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Never Too Early to Start Thinking About Ice On Your Catenary Wires

Since most commuters I know are well versed in the ways of catenary wires and pantograph shoes, perhaps one of y’all can help this gentleman that we found in the Trainjotting mailbag. I was wondering what different methods you might … Continue reading

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Catenary Calamity

Yes, the New Haven line is up to its old tricks. The catenary wire has decided not to play nice with morning commuters, so there’s no service at all New Haven line stops from Larchmont to Greenwich. No city-bound service, … Continue reading

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There but for the grace of God sit I

My first glimpse of the Mamaroneck platform this morning told me something was wrong. There were way too many people standing around looking even less happy than usual. While I’m used to standing on the ride home, not getting a … Continue reading

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Commuting on New Haven Line Back to Merely Irritating

After this morning’s full-tilt debacle, the MTA says commuters on the New Haven Line can expect a normal commute. The problems this morning, which involved 90 minute delays, stemmed from a catenary wire that runs above the train (The crummy … Continue reading

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Trouble on the New Haven Line!

Several months ago, I signed up for the MTA’s WebAdvisory service, which tells you about delays and problems via email. I believe this morning’s Advisory is the first I’ve received. Thank God the MTA got through slippery rail season and … Continue reading

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Ask Engine Bob

Q: Engine Bob, is it legit for Metro North to blame late trains on snow and ice? I mean, how many problems can a few inches of snow really cause a train? A: Believe it or not, quite a few. … Continue reading

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