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Tales From the Rails

* On the 5:27 heading out of Gotham last night. Cattycorner to me in a six-seater is a traveler–woman of about 50, kinky brown Mrs. Roper-From-Three’s-Company hair, green t-shirt with an elephant and ‘Spirit of India’ on the front, ugly … Continue reading

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How I Spent My Christmas Vacation

We don’t get out much anymore, in the traditional sense. But we do make an effort to get the kids (and ourselves) out of the house, even in the dead of winter, and visit spots we haven’t been to before. … Continue reading

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The Laziest Man in All of Westchester

We happened upon the grand opening bash for the Ritz-Carlton in White Plains last night, which brought out an odd mix of Bedford blueblood broads in iron-gray hair and builder-types in ill-fitting suits, white socks, and giant phones strapped to … Continue reading

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