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Can Someone Please Help Iris K?

So, are New Roc City and Mount Vernon safe enough for an upstanding commuter to live in? Reader Iris K wants to know. Have at it. I’ve been having a tough time trying to get a straight answer on this … Continue reading

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Which Switch is Which, or, Why My Ride Home Took 76 Minutes

I was hustling and bustling, huffing and puffing, to make the 5:27 last night. With a few seconds to spare, I walked along the platform, looking through the windows for an aisle seat–ideally one next to an empty middle seat … Continue reading

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Each day this week, to commemorate our fifth birthday, Trainjotting is publishing memorable posts from the past, grouped under a specific Seven Deadly Sin. Today’s sin is ENVY. Previously ran February 2007. Word of the Week: MOUNT YEARNIN’ MOUNT YEARNIN’ … Continue reading

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Denzel’s Thing For Train Tragedy

Mount Vernon’s own Denzel Washington’s latest pic, Unstoppable, starts today. Just as they did in The Taking of Pelham One Two Three a year ago, Denzel and director Tony Scott explore what happens when trains go off the rails. Writes … Continue reading

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What the Kids are Googling

Yes, it’s time for that weekly Friday TJ-can’t-be-bothered-with-blogging search engine bacchanal known as What the Kids Are Googling? Just what where the 1,000-odd–and we do mean odd–terms people Googled before ending up on Trainjotting this week? Here are but a … Continue reading

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Metro-North Conducts Disaster Drill in Mount Vernon

As if Mount Vernon didn’t have enough problems with crime, school budget cuts, etc. The beleaugured city gets a blast of hazardous spills, fiery crashes and exploding bombs (mind you, all are staged) Saturday morning during an MTA “emergency simulation.”   … Continue reading

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BarCar Concept Lives in Mount Vernon

Metro-North’s old bar cars might be harder to find than a Satchel Paige rookie card, but a new Westchester restaurant is keeping the concept alive. BarCar recently opened in Fleetwood (er, the nice section of Mount Vernon), a short block … Continue reading

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The Saddest Ballfield in All of New York

It is, simply and frankly put, the saddest ballfield in all of New York. No, not Shea. Smartass. On this, the unofficial national holiday and brightener of spirits known as Major League Baseball Opening Day, we salute the most pathetic … Continue reading

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The Drag Queen Returns!

There (s)he was on the 7:16 to Stamford last night, all 11-inch heels and fishnet dress and tights with the ass cheeks cut out. Yes, the giant black drag queen was shaking up the stuffy decor on the Metro-North again, … Continue reading

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Unanswered Questions on the 8:16

She was a young Latina, maybe 30. She had two boys in tow–a Hispanic kid of about 11, a black kid who was a little older. She went over the train schedule with the Hispanic boy over and over–get off … Continue reading

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