Murdered Pleasantville Woman Had Sued Metro-North

We got an email from a reporter recently, related to the murder of 76-year-old Linda Misek-Falkoff of Pleasantville.

Turns out we’d mentioned Linda on Trainjotting way back in 2008, and she’d responded with a detailed comment. The reporter was curious if we’d spoken to her, which we had not.

The post referred to a story about Misek-Falkoff suing Metro-North when she said she was trapped between the arm that descends when the train is coming (to her rear) and the tracks at Green Lane in Bedford Hills.

The incident occurred in 2004. We were a wee bit snarky in the post, which doesn’t feel very good after someone’s been murdered.

Misek-Falkoff explained her side of the story in a seven-paragraph comment on Trainjotting. She thanked us for “caring about public and individual safety at railroad grade crossings such as (!) Metro North Green Lane in Bedford NY.”

She filed over a dozen lawsuits in her lifetime, reports the Journal-News, her targets including IBM, her one-time employer, as well as Westchester Medical Center.

Her suit against Metro-North was unsuccessful.

Misek-Falkoff’s murder remains unsolved.

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