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How to Train Your Dragonfly

Our Connecticut correspondent Saugatucker mentions a most unlikely rider on the 6:29 p.m. New Haven Line train Friday: a giant dragonfly. Saugatucker says the New Haven Line suits broke from their usual cocoons to work together in removing the dragonfly … Continue reading

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More M8 Cars Join New Haven Line

A new batch of M8 cars has hit the Beleaguered New Haven Line (BNHL), meaning there are 26 spankin’ new cars, and 130 new train “runs” each week. In other words, Sound Shore riders might even get to ride one … Continue reading

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New Haven Riders Dig New Cars…Mostly

Riders on the Beleaguered New Haven Line (BNHL) were very pleased to get a new car to ride on yesterday, and today. (Painstakingly) slowly but surely, Metro-North is rolling out the new M8 cars, though most riders on the line … Continue reading

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BREAKING…New M8 Cars Arrive on Beleaguered New Haven Line

The long awaited M8 cars, or should I say car, has arrived on the beleauguered New Haven Line (BNHL). The first car┬ádeparted Stamford at 10:30 this morning and buzzed into GCT 66 minutes later. It then departed Grand Central at … Continue reading

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Reflecting On the Busted Door on the Moving Train

Wow, quite a week we’ve had–perhaps the worst week of commuting I’ve yet experienced, and I’m not even home yet for the week. Last night was another nightmare, the Harlem Line running on a Saturday schedule and the 5:48 absolutely … Continue reading

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The Metro-North Door That Would Not Shut

Metro-North is doing some serious ‘splainin’ today after a rider videotaped a door that did not shut on a moving train yesterday. The train was on the beleaugured New Haven Line, of course. The train was full too–you can see … Continue reading

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Metro-North Explains “Slippery Rail” on YouTube

If you’ve ever had trouble explaining to friends and loved ones why your train is frequently late, or short a number of cars, this time of year, here’s a handy two-minute video explaining the scourge of Slippery-Rail Syndrome, or, as … Continue reading

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