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Commuter Courtroom Can Be Appeal-ing

It was late last week. The Yankees were, at least clinically speaking, still alive. I was Walking the Plank, in search of an aisle seat of some sort, after a few days of being forced to stand on the p.m. … Continue reading

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Smells Like Team Spirit

The Missus was amused to find an ad for Yankee-flavored cologne and perfume at Hawthorne station yesterday. Noted the NY Times when the scents, at $62 for the big bottle, were released: It’s practically a Zen koan: what is the … Continue reading

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Yankees’ Offense, and Chartered Train, Sputter

Amtrak had a chance to win over some high earning rail riders the other night, but failed to, as the metaphor goes, get the run in from third base. The Yankees had a chartered train lined up to go from … Continue reading

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Derek Jeeper Rides Tall

The Yankeemobile at the station this morning. The owner has Tivo’d last night’s Yankees-Tigers deciding Game 5. His wife wanted to watch X Factor and they only have one TV. So if you see him, DO NOT tell him what … Continue reading

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Not Taking the Train to the Game

A friend bequeathed me some Yankee tickets for last night’s game, so I decided to take Little G to his first major league ballgame. This was not without some deliberation. Rooting for the Yankees is absolutely forbidden is politely discouraged … Continue reading

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Yankeemobile Spawns Two-Wheeled Whelp

We’ve written extensively about the Yankeemobile of central Westchester, which sits itself in a prime parking space most days of the week at our station. Well, this morning, not 30 feet from where the Yankeemobile resides on the border of … Continue reading

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Where’s the ‘Beef’? On My Train.

I stepped off the 5:27 yesterday in Hawthorne, and a handful of boisterous Yankee fans were on board, celebrating the Bombers’ sterling 1-0 record. I had one of the pinstriped fellows directly in front of me. The name on the … Continue reading

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