Commuting, Tough Mudder Style

I noticed this for the first time ever in over eight years of commuting out of Hawthorne station. OK, the picture sucks–old iPhone–but you can make out the essentials: a driveway or mini parking lot, a long ladder heading down the face of a steep dropoff, taking one down to the ass-end of the late, not so great Bel Paese, and right across the street from Hawthorne station.


Like many Metro-North stations, parking is mighty scarce at Hawthorne (and Valhalla, I hear) station. In recent months, people began parking in the Bel Paese lot, seeing as the restaurant had closed nearly six years ago, and nothing appears scheduled to take its place. Six years!

But just a few weeks ago, a sign appeared, telling commuters their cars would be towed if they continued parking there. People stopped parking there.

So, it appears, a few brave commuters are using the ladder to get to the station.

I would love to see someone actually scaling this thing en route to the morning train.

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