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Northeast’s Blighted Corridor

Seen this yet? Very interesting essay/photo essay on the Amtrak route between Washington and New York, and all the cities, large and small, that have been left behind as the knowledge industry won out over the manufacturing industry. The pix … Continue reading

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Yankees’ Offense, and Chartered Train, Sputter

Amtrak had a chance to win over some high earning rail riders the other night, but failed to, as the metaphor goes, get the run in from third base. The Yankees had a chartered train lined up to go from … Continue reading

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Amtraks For Sale: Old and Rusty, But Zero Mileage

Interesting story late last week on some rusted old Amtrak trains, and their unfulfilled history in the state’s quixotic efforts to create a high speed rail line from New York City to Albany. The state bought and refurbished the trains … Continue reading

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Station Photo Project is ‘Unstoppable’

It was National Train Day on Saturday–a day to “celebrate train travel and the ways trains touch the lives of people across America,” said the press materials–and our pal Emily over at IRidetheHarlemLine spent it photographing trains. She hit a … Continue reading

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JerseyJim Journey Marred By Tourney

Overheard in the Quiet Car… Bustling commute back to Jersey last night. Despite the weather outside deciding to spring ahead a bit early, Penn Station was the epicenter of the perfect storm of hassle and noise for last night’s commute. … Continue reading

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Down to ‘The Wire’: Close Calls in Baltimore

I was heading down to Baltimore yesterday via Amtrak, banging out an interview with a Media Titan, then schlepping back on the beloved Northeast Corridor. This was the goal: Leave the wilds of Central Westchester at my normal time, take … Continue reading

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Taking Amtrak to Virginia, and a Subway to Westchester

Upon our return from Big Sis’s place in Virginia Beach in September, after a combined, oh, 19 or so hours on Amtrak, Little G was nearly inconsolable to no longer have his cousins around to play with. So we asked, half … Continue reading

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