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Word of the Week: CANON FODDER

CANON FODDER /KAN in FAH dur/ noun: Ambulatory commuters who end up in tourists’ photos as they snap pictures of Grand Central Terminal with their digital cameras. Usage: I was late for my 9 a.m. meeting, and ended up being … Continue reading

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Getting (Sar)kozy on the 6:33

It was the 6:33 to points north last night, and we had the pre-M8 shitbucket train. I got a seat on the Stenchbench and we were about to depart. A trio of exceedingly tall folks got on–parents in their 50s … Continue reading

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Word of the Week: Grand Central Verminal

GRAND CENTRAL VERMINAL \GRAANND sent rull VERR minn ull\ noun: The large masses of fresh-faced, chattering teens on vacation, mostly in the summer and Christmas season, that assemble in Grand Central Terminal. Usage: I was running late for the 5:17 … Continue reading

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