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When Fares Were Fair

With our elected leaders seeing fit to expand the amount of pay we can deduct for transit expenses, I was poking around the Metro-North site, finding out precisely how much I cough up for my monthly ticket. Well, that apparently depends … Continue reading

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An Open Letter To:

The woman who picked me up and gave me a ride this morning. First off, thank you. You didn’t know me, and I didn’t know you. Yet you stopped, rolled down your window (or whatever the verb is for power windows) and generously … Continue reading

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Horrors of the Midnight Express

I was on the 12:06 out of Gotham Saturday night, following my annual rugby club awards dinner bacchanalia. Much of the train was, it being Saturday, midnight, holidays, etc., bombed. Including the four guys taking up a pair of five … Continue reading

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Closing Time on the Evening Train

I took a different train home last night, and had a conductor that I’ve sworn multiple times has been nipping at the potent potables before donning the powder blue jersey. My suspicions were confirmed as he made his way up … Continue reading

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Snow on the Sprain-tonic

Today’s trippy photo taken from the Chelsea overpass around 6:30 last night, right where the Sprain turns into the Taconic. It was snowing like crazy. The 5:27 got in around 15 minutes late. When we stopped at the station, the … Continue reading

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Saluting Hawthorne’s Finest

I popped in on little downtown Hawthorne’s newest establishment, the boldly titled Hawthorne’s Finest Barber Shop. It’s a bold title because Hawthorne, despite a fairly limited number of commercial establishments, features several places to get a haircut, such as Livia’s, where … Continue reading

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Commuter Courtroom Can Be Appeal-ing

It was late last week. The Yankees were, at least clinically speaking, still alive. I was Walking the Plank, in search of an aisle seat of some sort, after a few days of being forced to stand on the p.m. … Continue reading

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Smells Like Team Spirit

The Missus was amused to find an ad for Yankee-flavored cologne and perfume at Hawthorne station yesterday. Noted the NY Times when the scents, at $62 for the big bottle, were released: It’s practically a Zen koan: what is the … Continue reading

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Au Revoir, Valhalla

The Mount Pleasant-based, at least for the time being, author and blogger Bob Thompson reminisces about buying a house a few miles from where he grew up in Hawthorne. Thompson co-authored Rhythms of the Game, along with Bernie Williams, among … Continue reading

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Clearly Not The Quiet Car

It was my first train ride home in four days, seeing as I’d taken Monday off and had a relaxing weekend out of town. I just wanted a nice, relatively quiet ride. We entered the rust-bucket [TIME OF TRAIN REDACTED … Continue reading

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