Little G Learning ‘Train Safety’ As We Speak

I enjoy glancing at the learning agenda put forth by my son’s pre-school up the road in Priusville; it’s fun imagining him in the school learning about the various topics (animals, firehouses, pumpkins), and it’s nice to know what we are getting for our considerable tuition outlay.

I was struck to see that today’s lesson involves “Train Safety.” Little G, who’s in a 3’s program, learned about airplanes on Tuesday, and made a few pretty cool ones that fly a bit better than the lame paper ones I fold up for him. It looks like it’s Transportation Week over at PCC.

I’m curious to hear what train safety is all about. Is it about minding the gap as you enter a train, or staying glued to one’s seat once you’re on board? Or is it more about co-existing in a part of the country where trains racing by is part of life–stop well in advance of the safety arm when trains cross, or avoid those pesky third rails altogether?

I simply don’t know, but I expect a full report from Little G tonight. If he tells me his teacher said to cap my evening commute consumption to two Sam Adams or one Foster’s oil can, I can’t say I’ll be pleased.

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1 Response to Little G Learning ‘Train Safety’ As We Speak

  1. Shecky says:

    So far, all I got out of him was that they learned to stay off the tracks. They watched a little movie about Sly Fox (who’s not so smart and goes on the tracks) and Birdy the Duck (who’s smart and tells him to get off).

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