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Get Your Rusted Railcar Out of My Yard

JerseyJim passes along an interesting Wall Street Journal yarn about idled boxcars sitting dormant on tracks around the country, as cargo demand decreases. “Miles of Idled Boxcars Leave Towns Singing the Freight-Train Blues,” goes the title, and the story tells … Continue reading

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Un-Conventional Transport in Mile-High City

Pedicab drivers are doing brisk business at the Democratic Convention, reports the Wall Street Journal. Steve Meyer, owner of one of Denver’s largest fleets of pedicabs and a manufacturer of the vehicles, wants the convention’s national audience to see bike … Continue reading

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An Open Letter To:

The high school kids reading the Wall Street Journal on the 8:16 today. You were both about 18. One of you was a bit rakish–tall, lean, a mop of curly hair that one could envision a recently divorced MILF running … Continue reading

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Take the Train Instead of the Plane

High-speed trains in Europe are starting to nip into the cheap-fare airlines, writes the Wall Street Journal, by offering amenities such as more legroom, faster speeds (almost 200 mph!), cellphone service and DVD rentals. A rail system called Eurostar has … Continue reading

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Telecommuting a Bull-Market Fad?

A substantial number of telecommuters are being pulled back into the bricks-and-mortar office, the Wall Street Journal reports, as bosses grow weary of just how much work is being done from one’s “home office.” Sue Shellenbarger’s column deals primarily with … Continue reading

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Paradise by the Blackberry Light

Much has been made of the demise of the newspaper: people get their news from Google and Yahoo, their jobs and used tennis rackets from Craigslist. But Gorgeous Francis of Mamaroneck posits another reason why the paper is going the … Continue reading

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