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Things We Found While Walking Home From the Train

These rainy/snowy days provide us with the pleasure of walking to and from the train station, instead of our usual two-wheeled (two-tired? too tired?) approach. Late last week, I spied a compelling sight off the side of the road going … Continue reading

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The Weakest Link

Left out It was a bit of a scramble getting out the door today, my first trip on the 8:16 of the new year. I read a few books to the kiddies, showered, dressed, grabbed one of The Missus’ baked … Continue reading

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The Rainbow Connection

I was walking home Friday, and the rain–the heavy, drenching, flooding rain–had finally stopped for the first time in days. I saw a swath of blue poking through a still-angry gray sky to the west. As I conquered Heartbreak Hill … Continue reading

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Oh Deere, I’m Going to Be Late

Had a rare early a.m. meeting today atop some midtown skyscraper, and had to take the dreaded 7:52 with that peculiar stop in Mount Vernon West. I’ve had some difficult times of late with not quite making trains that are … Continue reading

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Redcoat Terrorism and Commuting Via Horse-and-Buggy: A Brief History of Hawthorne

The Missus picked up an interesting treat at the library late last week. (Paying what we do in taxes, we try to get our money’s worth by taking dozens of books out of the library each day and creating as … Continue reading

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