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The Musician on the Bus Goes Strum, Strum, Strum

Fun item in today’s NY Times Metropolitan Diary that shows NY bus drivers aren’t always gruff and soulless. DEAR DIARY: A visitor in the city with a guitar and suitcase, I boarded the M60 bus at 125th Street. “How much … Continue reading

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The Season of (For)giving

It being that time of year when New Yorkers are nice and all, I sign off for the Christmas holidays with this bit of seasonal cheer from the New York Times’ Metropolitan Diary. Dear Diary: One night in late October, … Continue reading

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You Don’t Want to Hear What Happened 30 Seconds Later

This week’s edition of the NY Times’ “Septuagenarians Say the Darndest Things” “New York Owns the Market On Witty Passers-By” “Metropolitan Diary” shows a teeming mob about to trample a not-exactly innocent 2-year-old. Dear Diary: There was an unusually long … Continue reading

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Shell Game on Metro-North

The NY Times’ “Metropolitan Diary,” also known as “Septuagenarian Ladies Ending Cute Stories With ‘Only in New York!’”, offers not one but two yarns that take place on our area’s trains. One story depicts a man on the 2 train … Continue reading

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Cuddly Jamaican Kittens on N Train

From today’s “Metropolitan Diary” in the NY Times… Dear Diary: After picking up my wife’s dry cleaning, I boarded a crowded but not crammed N train at 57th Street to join the evening rush hour. To keep my wife’s sweaters … Continue reading

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Yes, We Do, You Twerp

From this week’s edition of Octagenarian Ladies Who Say “Isn’t New York Wonderful”…I mean, the NY Times’ “Metropolitan Diary.” Dear Diary: It’s 7:45 a.m. on a hot, sultry July morning. I’m standing on the platform at the Larchmont station waiting … Continue reading

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A Most Creepy Subway Tail

From today’s edition of “Nonagenarians Saying “Isn’t New York Just the Most Wonderful Place?”…I mean, the NY Times Metropolitan Diary: Dear Diary: Returning home from the East Village on a Saturday night last month, my friend and I boarded the L train … Continue reading

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