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Surprise Trip to Scarsdale

“Scarsdude” makes a case for Scarsdale in our biennial Best Commuter Town contest, citing Harlem Line train access, “sorta ample parking, modern amenities (Dunkin Donuts AND Starbucks practically ON the platform?) and recent station renovations.” In fact, we had the chance … Continue reading

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Back on the Rails

Like a tired old New Haven Line train, Trainjotting is back on the rails again after a brief setback. Indeed, we’d been “hacked” for about 48 hours, as a rogue web outfit took over our site. I thought the guilty … Continue reading

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2011 Storm Stories Vol. 23

Hey, what’s another foot of snow, right? I’m getting pretty good at the drill–get out there and snowblow the driveway, kiss the kiddies and Missus good bye, and set out on foot for the station. The first thing I did … Continue reading

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A Brief History of Missed Trains, Planes and Stops

Yesterday’s follies notwithstanding, I actually have a pretty stellar record of not missing trains. And every time I’ve missed one, it’s been someone else’s fault! Here’s a brief recap of various missed trains and planes over the years. Missed the … Continue reading

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TRAINJOTTING CLASSIC: If Manhattan Island Was the Island of Sodor

From November 6, 2007 Thanks to Little G, we end up spending a lot of time in Sodor—that is, the mythical island on which Thomas the Tank Engine and his train friends operate. All of the trains in Thomas’ world … Continue reading

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Harlem Line Riders Have No Reason to Complain

While we complain about Metro-North–oh, do we complain about Metro-North–we Harlem Liners do realize we have it pretty good, with Metro-North’s best on-time percentage of the three lines, and some creature comforts that New Haven Liners can only dream abou–at … Continue reading

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Fat TJ

We all see people on the train that we think are dead ringers for our cousin, our co-worker, our spouse’s friend from college with the halitosis issues. We also periodically encounter friends and loved ones who tell us how they’ve seen … Continue reading

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