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Kermit the Phrog

Phish, the Muppets, Mickey Mouse, and those hysterical Tokyo subway people-pushers, all in one video. There’s a “jam” joke–jam band, jammed subway–here somewhere, but I don’t seem to have the mental capacity this morn to phish it out.

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Times Heralds Subway Shufflers

Fun story about the anxious commuter dance at Herald Square in the NY Times, as riders guess which uptown Q, N or R train of two on opposite ends of the platform will depart first. I am thinking of Tom … Continue reading

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The Most (Turn)Stylish Borough in the City

Our colleagues over at SecondAvenueSagas pore over a major data dump to find the busiest subway station in the city. The top 9 are in Manhattan, while No. 10 is out in Queens. The top six are on 42nd Street … Continue reading

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‘Lush’ Life for Subway Thieves

Fun story in the NYTimes over the weekend on a rare but distinguished group of criminals known as “lush workers” that cut out the wallets of boozy, snoozy subway riders with a surgeon’s precision. There are 109 lush workers plying … Continue reading

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MTA Shop Opens in Macy’s

A tiny shop selling NYC subway merchandise has opened in a fitting place–the Cellar at Macy’s. The 1,000 square foot boutique features sundry items under the “NYC Underground” label, including apparel, umbrellas and wrist watches. “To add authenticity to the shopper’s experience,” says … Continue reading

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Knuckleballing Author Training For Big Start

It would make for an interesting chart–one showing the print coverage of the Mets games as the season progresses, and hope gradually gives way to despair. When the season starts, 95% of the allotted Mets space in the sports page is … Continue reading

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When Straphangers Actually Had Straps to Hang Onto

I love this pic. (Click to enlarge.) The guy blissfully strumming away on his guitar.  The kid who’s way too old to be held. The kid’s pants, and sneakers. The busted door of the conductor’s shack that surely doubled as homeless guy … Continue reading

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The Infamous Subway Shoe-Licker

Video from the 5 train is here. Do not watch with a case of cotton-mouth. Commented an MTA spokesperson: “Ew, that’s nasty!”

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Underground Grammar Lessons

This week’s edition of the NY Times’ Go Back to Your Flyover State, Because Only Smart People Live in New York Metropolitan Diary unearths some witty graffiti, not to be confused with ’80s new wave band Scritti Politti, in the … Continue reading

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Last Stop For Subway Poesy

The MTA is likely scrapping its “Train of Thought” placards on the subways, a program that has offered riders a taste of prose, in one form or another, since the dark days of 1992. The program started out as “Poetry in Motion,” notes … Continue reading

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