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Back On the Rails

Wow. Some storm, huh? I don’t even know where to start. Today was my first day back to the city since Friday the 26th. I had no idea how the ride would go–it could’ve been a nightmare. I was lucky … Continue reading

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‘Marooned’ in the Morning, Blocked in the Eve

We had to take both an earlier train in the morning yesterday, and a later one in the p.m., due to having to attend a Revenue Generating Event (RGE) for work yesterday. Getting up for that 7:29, which is surely … Continue reading

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The Key to Snagging the Best Seat on the Train

Many daily commuters¬†have a little bit of “That’s MY seat!” O.Seat.D. in them, but perhaps no one has it worse than a man I’ve written about before, who simply has to have the folding 1 3/4-seaters that are completely set … Continue reading

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Through the Morning Commute, Darkly

I hopped on at Hawthorne, as I do each day, and the car was surprisingly jammed. I made my way south and saw the open 1-3/4-seater. I don’t absolutely need the private folding seat, like some people I board with; … Continue reading

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Philly Breaks New Yorker’s Heart…Again

Given the opportunity to interview someone face to face, as opposed to over the phone, I jumped at the chance to do it in person–especially as there was an Amtrak trip to Philly involved. I hadn’t ridden Amtrak in close … Continue reading

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Surviving the Seat Shortage

So you’re chugging through the cars on your evening train, lamenting the lack of A or B level seats (aisles, unopposed seats in the five-pack, etc). You come across one of the beloved 1 3/4-seaters, the folding all-by-yourself seats next … Continue reading

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Mardi Bragh!

It’s a lethal combination: St. Patrick’s Day, and a beautiful sunny day in the 60s. The diehards in cheesy green boas and bowlers were out in force on the 8:16 this morning.¬†(Anyone else notice how the St. Paddy’s costumes are … Continue reading

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