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Back On the Rails

Wow. Some storm, huh? I don’t even know where to start. Today was my first day back to the city since Friday the 26th. I had no idea how the ride would go–it could’ve been a nightmare. I was lucky … Continue reading

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‘Marooned’ in the Morning, Blocked in the Eve

We had to take both an earlier train in the morning yesterday, and a later one in the p.m., due to having to attend a Revenue Generating Event (RGE) for work yesterday. Getting up for that 7:29, which is surely … Continue reading

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The Key to Snagging the Best Seat on the Train

Many daily commuters have a little bit of “That’s MY seat!” O.Seat.D. in them, but perhaps no one has it worse than a man I’ve written about before, who simply has to have the folding 1 3/4-seaters that are completely set … Continue reading

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Through the Morning Commute, Darkly

I hopped on at Hawthorne, as I do each day, and the car was surprisingly jammed. I made my way south and saw the open 1-3/4-seater. I don’t absolutely need the private folding seat, like some people I board with; … Continue reading

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Philly Breaks New Yorker’s Heart…Again

Given the opportunity to interview someone face to face, as opposed to over the phone, I jumped at the chance to do it in person–especially as there was an Amtrak trip to Philly involved. I hadn’t ridden Amtrak in close … Continue reading

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Surviving the Seat Shortage

So you’re chugging through the cars on your evening train, lamenting the lack of A or B level seats (aisles, unopposed seats in the five-pack, etc). You come across one of the beloved 1 3/4-seaters, the folding all-by-yourself seats next … Continue reading

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Mardi Bragh!

It’s a lethal combination: St. Patrick’s Day, and a beautiful sunny day in the 60s. The diehards in cheesy green boas and bowlers were out in force on the 8:16 this morning. (Anyone else notice how the St. Paddy’s costumes are … Continue reading

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2011 Storm Stories Vol. 23

Hey, what’s another foot of snow, right? I’m getting pretty good at the drill–get out there and snowblow the driveway, kiss the kiddies and Missus good bye, and set out on foot for the station. The first thing I did … Continue reading

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Your Daily Snow Report

I debated taking the bike to the station this morning. The snow was to start by the end of the workday, reported Dr. Nick Gregory on channel 5 last night, meaning I’d either have a slippery ride, or I’d get in … Continue reading

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An Open Letter To:

The MTA. So, the 11% fare increase and all for us Metro-Northers. I get it. Times are tough, and you mismanaged your books a bit. What was to be extra tax revenue dispersed and disappeared like sound waves in the … Continue reading

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