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Yankees’ Offense, and Chartered Train, Sputter

Amtrak had a chance to win over some high earning rail riders the other night, but failed to, as the metaphor goes, get the run in from third base. The Yankees had a chartered train lined up to go from … Continue reading

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We Almost Made it Through Without Mentioning Sept. 11

I know we’re all burnt out on Sept. 11 coverage, and Trainjotting is all about having a little chuckle at the expense of the guy next to you on the train. But this Op-Ed from Joe Nocera in today’s Times … Continue reading

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Love Lost, at 150 MPH, With Significant Delays Outside New Haven

Those clever fellows of Fountains of Wayne are at it again, a maximalist songwriting duo that finds the humor and the heart and, often, the heartbreak, in the most ordinary characters facing humdrum situations. The new album (can we still … Continue reading

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On A Serious Note, Why People Won’t Sit Next to a Black Man

I saw this when I was about to head to Tampa last week and didn’t get a chance to post it. It’s a NYT Op-Ed by author/scholar John Edgar Wideman. In short, a black man has been riding Amtrak’s Acela train between New … Continue reading

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Citi Field Restaurant Named For Hi-Speed Train

The Mets’ new Citi Field (a.k.a. Taxpayers Field), set to debut inside of a month, will feature a high-end restaurant named for the high-speed Amtrak train covering the Northeast, Acela. Drew Nieporent, sort of the Willie Mays of the New … Continue reading

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