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Dreaded Derecho Crashes Commute

It was my first appearance on the dusty urban crucible that is the corporate softball field in about a year. The game was 5:30, on that field along the FDR Drive, in between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges–subways clattering overhead, … Continue reading

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Cracked Track Makes Morning Whack

Seems as though the Harlem Line as just as screwed up as Trainjotting’s site this morning. (In case you missed it, a domain name snafu meant that everything from February 2010 until present disappeared from Trainjotting. To make matters worse, … Continue reading

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On Riding With Friends, Neighbors, and Strangers

I am in a position to do something I don’t believe I’ve ever done in four years and 363 days of commuting: ride in an automobile to and from the station in the same day. In these five years, I’ve … Continue reading

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Happiest of Holidays from Trainjotting

We are going off the rails for a spell after today to partake in typical holiday activities. We leave you with The Inevitable Twas the Night Before Christmas parody, which we first ran in 2008. Happy holidays, or, as we … Continue reading

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And the Winner (Loser?) Is…

We have a winner for our inaugural Crappiest Train Station in the Tri-State reader poll. It pains me to divulge the winner. Really, it does. Am I hot or not? I mean, I’ve been rolling into this station each workday … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget to Vote For Station of Shame

We are going off the grid for a week or so to partake in typical summertime activities. We offer up one final plea for nominations for Crappiest Train Station in the Tri-State Area.  The short list includes Waterbury, Hawthorne, North … Continue reading

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The Worst Train Station in the Region–Keep Those Votes Coming

Hey, keep those nominations coming for the worst train station in the tri-state area–the most soulless, charmless, joyless and Purel-inspiring station in the land. Is it the desolate railyards of North White Plains, or the generic suburban bleakness of Hawthorne (to be … Continue reading

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