Happy Ending for Poor ‘Scorched Earth’ Fellow on New Haven Line

Saugatucker writes in with a happy update on an “old red-faced Wall Street guy with bloodshot eyes” who’d had a particularly harsh–perhaps even “scorching”–day at work back in those dark days of 2008.

That day, Saugatucker heard the man light up an otherwise quiet New Haven Line train to the Nutmeg State with fiery gems such as this: “I just got shot in the DICK!!!  Oh, my God!  My reputation!  How stupid do I look!!  I’m in, short!, and he decides to blow this up.  I am really scorched.  Really scorched.”

The man sounds a different tune this time around. Relates our Connecti-spondent Saugatucker:

Six years and eight days later, I am sitting across this same man on the post-8:30 a.m. “Gentlemen’s Train” to Grand Central. I’m on my way to the office, but there’s no look of urgency whatsoever over there. He’s in loafers and a crisp white polo shirt and looks like he got a good night’s sleep last night. He loops through perusing his fishing magazine (fun article here – “Tuna Fishing in Cabo”), checking his Blackberry, and adding items to a fresh-looking to-do list on a yellow legal pad. I note – with relief for the guy – that he’s got a wedding ring on, and have to wonder what it was like for him to finally arrive home on that night when the world blew up on him. I hope today is easy on him and for all of us.

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