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Paradise By the Blackberry Light

I was trying the make the most of a monthly pass with a weekend trip to the city–a Saturday night foray into Gotham to celebrate a friend’s 40th down in Gramurray Hill. The trip in was mostly uneventful, minus an … Continue reading

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New Taxi Co. In Town

I rolled toward the Hawthorne station this morning, and saw a sweet and shiny Lincoln Town Car-type vehicle pulling out of the lot and onto Elwood. A moment later, I saw a town Fire Safety truck next to the station … Continue reading

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Sign of the Day

I saw this sign at Hawthorne station today. It’s stuck on a big industrial container, purposely placed right across from where commuters sit waiting for the train. There is no real estate office anywhere nearby. The metal container sits between … Continue reading

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Maybury: Makeover Continues at Hawthorne Station

Town Supervisor Joan Maybury did get back to me late yesterday after my phone call last week, and said the town would get right on the fallen bike rack; she didn’t realize the thing was flatter than a drunk at … Continue reading

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Oh, the Nerve!

Here in Gotham, we call it moxie. Or hutzpah. Or balls. Elsewhere, they call it rude. I was schlepping up to Grand Central around 5:15 yesterday, waiting to cross 32nd at Park. A middle-aged woman was crossing from the north. … Continue reading

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