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Train Delay Cafe, Delay

Here’s your Hawthorne train station coffee shop, slated for mid-summer grand opening, on the morning of August 25. The cafe-to-be was mentioned in a recent article on Mount Pleasant Today in Pleasantville’s Examiner paper. Owner Gerry Petraglia said the gutting … Continue reading

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Valhalla’s $400,000 Lot Extension

The Town of Mount Pleasant is aiming to add 104 spaces to the lot at Valhalla train station, reports The Examiner. The state orginally approved the plan, which calls for an extra 27,000 square feet of paved surface, back in … Continue reading

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‘Examiner’ Pays Visit to Hummerville

As we exited the 5:46 last night, Hawthorne riders were met at the stairs by a fresh-faced young lady handing out equally fresh copies of The Examiner. The Examiner is a weekly paper that launched last fall, covering Pleasantville and … Continue reading

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