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Grand Central’s Little Known Newsreel Theater

Emily over at IRidetheHarlemLine has a great initiative going where she features a memorable Grand Central Terminal photo each day, having started a hundred days out from the iconic station’s centennial. Today, Emily delves into some little know history about … Continue reading

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Why Squirrels Prefer Grand Central to Penn Station

Eagle-eyed Emily over at IRidetheHarlemLine has a fun observational story about the preponderance of acorns in the design motifs around Grand Central Terminal. On a personal note, Little G and I spent a fairly significant amount of time yesterday looking for acorns … Continue reading

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(Fake) Words With Friends

Son of Saugatucker, offspring of Trainjotting Connecti-spondent Saugatucker, enjoys our own New York Commuter’s Glossary with his pals.

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Word of the Day: SNOOZE-RUSE

SNOOZE-RUSE /SNOOZ rooz/ noun: A ploy involving faking sleep on the train while sitting in an aisle seat to prevent other riders from asking you to make the window seat available. [A.K.A. Faux-Doze] Usage: I was truly not in the mood to share my two-seater … Continue reading

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Good Things Brewing in Penn Station

Most commuters would probably say that arriving into/departing Grand Central Terminal, versus Penn Station, is worth a few percentage points of their salary each year. Yet here’s one category where Penn Station wins: Pints of draft beer to go. Sure, … Continue reading

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An Open Letter To:

The man playing the Smurfs video game on his iPad on the train this morning. Dude, Smurfs? You are about 40, with flecks of gray in your close cropped hair and stubble. You wore a green polo shirt. Despite not … Continue reading

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Hoppy Birthday To You

Happy one year anniversary to Beer Table Pantry, the Grand Central craft brew shop that broadened the beverage spectrum for commuters immensely when it opened across from Track 13 last summer. Perhaps I will mark the milestone with a Dogfish … Continue reading

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