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HoJo Reveals Streamlined Design

You won’t find a HoJo in Times Square anymore, but apparently you might find him on the uptown 4 train. BertoAlomar¬†saw former Mets slugger Howard Johnson on the subway last night, exiting with his wife and “hot daughter” at 86th … Continue reading

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The Fire Down Below

I was hoofing it down Park Ave South this morning, in between 30th and 31st. A glow from down below caught my eye–a fire in the 4-5-6 train cigarette butt wasteland 15 feet below. I called 911 from a pay … Continue reading

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Subway Gropes on Upschwing

Sexual harrassment on the subway is on the rise, reports the NY Times’ City Room. The worst stretch of subway for the gropage is the 4-5-6 between Union Square and Grand Central, and the typical molester is a 39-year-old male. … Continue reading

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Looking Down on Subway Advertising

Maybe this has been going on for a while, but I never noticed it before: Ads running the length of the downtown-bound 4 (or was it 5?) train out of Grand Central/42nd. The ads were for Monroe College and said … Continue reading

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Seen A-Rod on the 4 Train Recently?

We know Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez would never lie or even twist the truth around at all. [Hold for laughter.] But we have to call BS on something he said in his new profile in Details–the issue currently making headlines … Continue reading

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If You’re Not Part of the Solution…

9:30 this morning, huge crowd heading down to the 4-5-6 trains under Grand Central. There’s an ugly jam-up at the stairs. The 5 has just left, but it appears to have been several minutes since a 6 pulled in, and … Continue reading

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4 Train Having a Dreadful Year

The 4 train came in last in on-time percentage in a NYC Transit study, coming in on-time just 70% of the time in May.¬†Even more galling, that’s a nearly 12% drop from May of last year. Overall, the subway system … Continue reading

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