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Guest Post From Down Under

Since New York is stuck in the middle of a Frankenstorm that has put our famed transit system on ice for the foreseeable future, we feature a guest post from a happier place–Perth, Australia. Please welcome special guest blogger Whitney … Continue reading

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Manhattan Bikes Lanes Prove Useful

While The Missus, Little G and Little Miss C extended their stay in the sunsplashed Cod recently, I had a few nights of not rushing to grab the 5:27 headed for the hinterlands. One one of these eves, I took … Continue reading

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Bikes Purloined at Darien Station

Leafy, lovely Darien, Connecticut has been victim to a rash of bike thefts at the train station this summer, with as many as a half dozen nicked–including two last week Patch has the scoop.

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When a Wave Ceases to be a Wave

So I’m sitting on the bike, at the stop sign where Chelsea hits Elwood. It’s a tricky intersection, especially when you’re on a bike in the middle of it. Cars coming from the south that look to turn left onto … Continue reading

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Sharing the Road With Sherpas, Salmon and Hamsters

Just as train riders have their own commuter slang, so too do cyclists. offes a vast glossary of biker terms. To wit: Basket Case: This is the rider that is rocking a front basket with all sorts of stuff … Continue reading

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An Open Letter To:

My neighbor who’s having her second garage sale this month. I passed your barely legible paper-and-marker signs on my ride to the station–barely legible from the bike, and surely completely unreadable from a car–and noticed you’d crossed out references to … Continue reading

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Even after almost six years of this commuting racket, you still see something you’ve never seen every now and then. I was huffing it up Heartbreak Hill, near the elementary school, when I saw a most curious bit of roadkill … Continue reading

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