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Report: Metro-North Too Mute On ‘Calm-Mute’ Program

Metro-North has not done enough to spread word of its quiet car program, reports the Journal News, leading to disputes between riders over behavior in the so called quiet car. Writes Theresa Juva-Brown: Linda Roman, 55, an editor who lives … Continue reading

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Riders Respond to ‘Quiet Calm-mute’

Do Metro-North riders want quiet cars? They’ve responded with a resounding “Yesshhhh!” The MTA is expanding its quiet car program after a successful test phase, rolling it out on peak trains on all three lines April 2, after a trial … Continue reading

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Down to ‘The Wire’: Close Calls in Baltimore

I was heading down to Baltimore yesterday via Amtrak, banging out an interview with a Media Titan, then schlepping back on the beloved Northeast Corridor. This was the goal: Leave the wilds of Central Westchester at my normal time, take … Continue reading

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‘Pelham Picklepusses,’ Other Riders Dig Quiet Car

Metro-North has insisted that its quiet car program is only a test, but riders say the railroad has passed the test with, as the cliche goes, flying colors. Journal News mentions a survey that showed that 20% of riders gave … Continue reading

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Word of the Week: CALMMUTE

CALMMUTE /cawlm MUTE/ noun, verb: A more relaxed, less bothersome ride to/from work on one of Metro-North’s designated “Quiet Cars,” which debuted today. Usage: I was curious about Metro-North’s quiet cars, and had such a relaxing calmmute that I fell … Continue reading

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Four Days Until ‘Shut the Hell Up’ Cars Roll

Emily from IRidetheHarlemLine, working her deep bench of conductor contacts, has gotten her mitts on the Shhh! cards that Metro-North conductors will hand out when riders inevitably break the rules of the quiet cars that launch Monday. Emily is doubtful … Continue reading

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Metro-North Launches ‘CALMmute’ Campaign, Preps Quiet Car Debut

Handbills greeted Metro-North riders on their trips north last night, introducing Metro-North’s “Quiet CALMmute” campaign, which sees select Hudson and Harlem line trains offering quiet cars starting October 17. During AM peak, this will be the last car on the … Continue reading

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Metro-North To Test Quiet Cars

I am, as they are in the quiet car, speechless. Metro-North will test quiet cars on the Hudson and Harlem Lines starting October 17, with the last car on certain a.m. peak trains and first car on certain p.m. peak … Continue reading

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Philly Breaks New Yorker’s Heart…Again

Given the opportunity to interview someone face to face, as opposed to over the phone, I jumped at the chance to do it in person–especially as there was an Amtrak trip to Philly involved. I hadn’t ridden Amtrak in close … Continue reading

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Commuters Find NJT Quiet Car Not Quite Quiet Enough

JerseyJim digs New Jersey Transit’s new quiet cars, but others aren’t so satisfied. As one might’ve expected, some riders either don’t realize they’re in the quiet car, or are flouting the rules about refraining from cellphone calls and normal-volume convo’s … Continue reading

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