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Tales From the Rails

* On the 5:27 heading out of Gotham last night. Cattycorner to me in a six-seater is a traveler–woman of about 50, kinky brown Mrs. Roper-From-Three’s-Company hair, green t-shirt with an elephant and ‘Spirit of India’ on the front, ugly … Continue reading

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The Trainjotting Restaurant Review: Iron Horse Grill

The Missus and I had the divine–and exceedingly rare–pleasure of an actual dinner out without Little G rolling Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater all about the place. We chose the Iron Horse Grill, a cozy, tasteful joint located inside the … Continue reading

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Here Comes the Sun

I think everyone on the 5:27 to Mt. Kisco had the same thing on their mind yesterday: This daylight savings time thing sure is sweet. With the extra hour of sun hitting us fully three weeks earlier than it did … Continue reading

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