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Straphanger Joe: Comes out of Hibernation

It’s been a while since I’ve really looked at the other passengers on the subway. Maybe that’s what winter does to you – it numbs you. Or maybe I’ve just been tired of people and there are too many around … Continue reading

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Giving ‘Gross Ridership’ New Meaning

Standing on the 5:46 home the other day, I had the express pleasure of scoping out a bunch of faces from my unique vantage point. One guy had just plopped himself down on a folding seat. The folding seats always … Continue reading

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Three’s Company or a Crowd? Ask Straphanger Joe.

THE POWER OF NOW At 9:10 a.m. I enter the F-train from my usual spot: the no-man’s land between the two stairs going up to the main level of Roosevelt Station in Jackson Heights. Inside, a roomful of open seats … Continue reading

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Pole Hoggers Beware

It’s not just subway seat hogs that are officially on notice. Continuing its expose on bad subway behavior, Gothamist reports that those who hog the poles in the subway are being called out as well. Apparently it’s preferable to simply … Continue reading

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There but for the grace of God sit I

My first glimpse of the Mamaroneck platform this morning told me something was wrong. There were way too many people standing around looking even less happy than usual. While I’m used to standing on the ride home, not getting a … Continue reading

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