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42nd Street Will Probably Never Look Like This

A non-profit group is pushing to have 42nd Street closed to traffic, reports the New York Times, with a light rail system linking the East River to the Jacob Javits Center all the way across town. It’ll probably never happen, … Continue reading

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A Train Through the Core of the Apple

We know of the 4 train and the 2 train. But the 42 train? Indeed, a proposal for a light rail train going the width of Manhattan along 42nd Street is gaining a tiny bit of momentum. An organization called … Continue reading

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Underground Sights to See

If your New Year’s resolutions involve stopping and smelling the roses just a bit more than you did last year, here are a couple items of interest for New York commuters on the go. HBO is erecting an interactive billboard … Continue reading

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Dropping the ball in Times Square

Amateurs. With their giant bags, lackadaisical meanderings, screaming children and other etiquette violations, they’re high on the list of commuter annoyances. Luckily however we professionals don’t often interact with rookies during the main leg of our rush hour travels. Once … Continue reading

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