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Catching ‘Mono’ Is No Picnic

I’m in Vegas. Every year I go, and every year I rave about the monorail service that serves as a very worthy, and considerably cheaper, alternative to the cab situation. I bought the $28 three day pass soon as I … Continue reading

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Riding the Vegas Monorail

Every year around this time, I get to sample one of the more unique public transportation vessels around the world—the Las Vegas monorail.   Traffic in Vegas has gotten awful as the city continues to grow; apparently all those murders … Continue reading

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PLANEJOTTING: Not So Hot-lanta

First off, a big thanks to Straphanger Joe for stepping in to keep the site fresh in my absence.   The family vacay was great–sun, beach, and an endless supply of buffet food and cerveza in the Dominican Republic. All … Continue reading

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Monorail One Way, “Deuce” the Other

That 40-plus hour per week diversion that calls  itself “work” sees us in Vegas, which means a chance to revist our previous fling with Sin City’s monorail. Indeed, it was a year ago that I first tried the Strip’s  tram–when God … Continue reading

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Just got back from Vegas, and what a time to miss commuting on Metro-North: tales of submerged stations, hour delays, and people hitching rides to the city with Noah and his furry friends, as the bearded one’s ark made its … Continue reading

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