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NYT: Drunk Train Isn’t Always Last Train Home

Yet another reason to live in Westchester: No summer Friday trains full of drunken (or “crunken”, as the NY Times notes in its story about the nightmare that is the Friday LIRR to the Hamptons), oafs heading to the beach towns and … Continue reading

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The Symphony of a Swampy Wasteland

Things can get a bit dicey when the NY Times opts to wax rhapsodic about the drudgery of the New York commute, but author Dana Jennings gives it a brave try on the front page of yesterday’s Arts section. Jennings … Continue reading

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‘Times’ Shines Light on Commuter Plight

There’s a thoughtful and well executed photo essay at the NY Times looking at the plight of the commuter, rushing to make, or at times not make, his or her train each day. Appearing on the Times blog “Lens,” the essay … Continue reading

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Is Metro-North the ‘Chattiest’ Commuter Railroad?

Perhaps you saw it in yesterday’s NY Times–a story about subway platforms wired for cellphone usage. Reporter Michael Grynbaum, at the end of the article, takes a look at the commuter railroads, and mentions Metro-North–which he says is “notorious for … Continue reading

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Staving Off Unpleasantville

Our dear neighbor to the north Pleasantville was the subject of the most recent “Living In” profile in the NY Times Real Estate section. The writer, Elsa Brenner, does a nice job of looking beyond the idyllic village name and … Continue reading

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India Institutes Ladies-Only Trains

I have boundless interest in commuting in India, where an ungodly number of people jam into trains, commuters hang from the outside of trains, lots and lots of people die just trying to get to work, and the chief minister … Continue reading

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Child Abuse on the Subway

Interesting conundrum raised in the Metropolitan section of the NY Times yesterday. A man–and a few dozen other men and women–witnesses a child being slapped, over and over, by her teen mother on the subway. What do you do? Granted, … Continue reading

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The Hard Life of a Major League Ballplayer (Boo Hoo!)

One quirk of baseball’s spring training that I’ve always found amusing is the split-squad road trip. For example, half the Mets may play the Orioles at the New Yorkers’ home park in Port Saint Lucie, while another half of the … Continue reading

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LIRR: Disability Rate ‘Alarming and Out of Sync’

The Long Island Railroad was quick to issue its rebuttal to the NY Times’ brutal investigative story on rampant employee misuse of disability pay. LIRR pins the blame on the mysterious Railroad Retirement Board, the federal outfit located in Chicago, … Continue reading

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The Train Ride That Changed the Face of Sportswriting

There once was a time when sportswriter and athlete sat shoulder to shoulder on trains and in bars. The athlete spoke his mind, and the sportswriter sent the jock talk through a pretty stringent filter, hiding the athlete’s rougher edges–usually … Continue reading

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