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The Hard Life of a Major League Ballplayer (Boo Hoo!)

One quirk of baseball’s spring training that I’ve always found amusing is the split-squad road trip. For example, half the Mets may play the Orioles at the New Yorkers’ home park in Port Saint Lucie, while another half of the … Continue reading

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LIRR: Disability Rate ‘Alarming and Out of Sync’

The Long Island Railroad was quick to issue its rebuttal to the NY Times’ brutal investigative story on rampant employee misuse of disability pay. LIRR pins the blame on the mysterious Railroad Retirement Board, the federal outfit located in Chicago, … Continue reading

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The Train Ride That Changed the Face of Sportswriting

There once was a time when sportswriter and athlete sat shoulder to shoulder on trains and in bars. The athlete spoke his mind, and the sportswriter sent the jock talk through a pretty stringent filter, hiding the athlete’s rougher edges–usually … Continue reading

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Bus-ted For Obnoxious Cellphone Use

Interesting story in the NY Times on a New Jersey commuter bus line that forbids cellphones except for emergencies–and actually enforces the policy. Mike Richard writes: The New Jersey commuter bus heading to New York City last week rolled to … Continue reading

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Giving “A Complete 180” All New Meaning

When one says one rides the New Haven Line to the city, one does not mean one rides all the way from New Haven. Then again, if one is named Steven Padla, one does, in fact, do that 180-mile commute … Continue reading

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‘Times’ Staffers’ Commutes Just Got a Little Longer

Thanks to budget cuts and “the increased safety and security of the Times Square area,” the New York Times is scrapping a shuttle service to Penn Station and Grand CentralĀ for employees.” Reads the memo: “As part of our continuing efforts … Continue reading

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