‘Times’ Shines Light on Commuter Plight

There’s a thoughtful and well executed photo essay at the NY Times looking at the plight of the commuter, rushing to make, or at times not make, his or her train each day.

Appearing on the Times blog “Lens,” the essay “Stand Clear of the Closing Doors, Please” refers to the “daily drama” facing the commuter:

And in an environment where seconds count, there are glorious triumphs and heartbreaking defeats.

Linger on the train platforms in Grand Central Terminal and observe the final moments before commuter trains slam shut their doors and depart for the evening. In the wake of the vanishing final car inevitably stand a few gasping, wheezing, anguished travelers, watching as their family dinners and evening social plans recede into the dark. Moments earlier, and they might have been blissfully on their way.

Yet these agonies co-exist in great proximity with happier emotions: the ecstasy of the last-minute catch, the joy of a serendipitous connection. Relief and furtive pleasure can be glimpsed in the eyes of the fleet commuter who slips through the closing doors just as a train pushes off for home.

It features 16 photos showing commuters’ travails, some of them gorgeous pics effectively showing the frustration and tiny heartbreaks sustained by commuters each day.

Less gorgeous: repeated use of “Grand Central Station” when showing Grand Central Terminal in the captions.

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