The Symphony of a Swampy Wasteland

Things can get a bit dicey when the NY Times opts to wax rhapsodic about the drudgery of the New York commute, but author Dana Jennings gives it a brave try on the front page of yesterday’s Arts section.

Jennings takes to New Jersey Transit for his feature “Scenes Frm the Meadowlandscape.” (Hey! Making a mashup term related to commuting? Someone should, like, do a book about that!)

Writes Jennings:

Monet had his haystacks, Degas had his dancers, and I have the New Jersey Meadowlands from the window of my Midtown Direct train as I travel to and from Manhattan.     

Jennings finds art in the oil-slicked creeks, the swamps, the rusted husks of machinery in that barren land between Manhattan and Secaucus.

Many fellow passengers, entombed in their exquisite e-coffins, don’t know the beauty in the raw that they’re missing. On each end of my trip are a good half-dozen images to revel in at this Gallery of the Meadowlands.

Check out the awesome still lifes on the Times site that aren’t exactly still. Trippy!

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