Is Metro-North the ‘Chattiest’ Commuter Railroad?

Perhaps you saw it in yesterday’s NY Times–a story about subway platforms wired for cellphone usage. Reporter Michael Grynbaum, at the end of the article, takes a look at the commuter railroads, and mentions Metro-North–which he says is “notorious for its chatty passengers”–introducing its quiet cars program trial next month.

Is Metro-North really notorious for its chatty riders? I’ve been noting passenger behavior/misbehavior on these pixel-pages for almost five years. Sure, people talk on their cell phones, and sure, they’re annoying.

But can we honestly say Metro-North is notorious for it? Is it worse than LIRR or New Jersey Transit? With roots in both of those locales, I’ve taken those trains frequently and, if anything, I’d say LIRR and NJT are worse.

And if we’re speaking in grand generalities, which people tend to do, the stereotypes say that the LIRR’s quintessential rider is Chatty Patty, assistant to the exec assistant from Ronkonkoma, and NJT is full of people who enjoy Jersey Shore without irony.

Metro-North, on the other hand, has the Armonk Aristocrats, the Rye Royals, the Bedford Bluebloods. We have that certain noblesse oblige, right?

(Of course, these sweeping generalities are completely bunk, and do not show up in newspapers that actually cost money.)

I dropped a line to Grynbaum to see if he’s able to corroborate his assessment of Metro-North and its garrulous ridership.

[image: NY Times]

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3 Responses to Is Metro-North the ‘Chattiest’ Commuter Railroad?

  1. jerseyjim says:

    Yo! Dat’s a low-blow, bro! I ain’t never seen nobody’s talkin’ so much belly achin’ bacon about us Jerseyans.

    So “The Situation” simply likes to flex his botoxed earlobes, and enjoy his P-roll wit’ cheese in peace and quiet on NJ Transit from time to time, but he sure ain’t no cufflinked, Bud-Lime drinkin’, bat-weilding, Nets-stealin’ Don Draper, yappin’ about the job-killin’ Yankees to his Wall Street cronies.


  2. Patti says:

    Metro-North Hudson line is the WORST for cell phone users! I can’t wait for the quiet cars, but I wish the quiet cars were the first and last cars or, better yet, every other car, like in Nice, France.

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