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PLANEJOTTING: Delta Redeems Self

We’ve switched gears to Planejotting mode to blast Delta Airlines in the past,┬áand when we were done with that, we blasted┬áDelta a little more. And then some more. Our primary gripe centered around a trip the TJs took to the … Continue reading

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PLANEJOTTING REDUX: Delta Debacle Continues

As we noted in these cyber-pages almost two months ago, the TJ clan was stuck in Atlanta after our Delta flight home from a Dominican vacation hit major storms and was re-routed. It certainly wasn’t Delta’s fault–the weather was way … Continue reading

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A Brief History of Missed Trains, Planes and Stops

Yesterday’s follies notwithstanding, I actually have a pretty stellar record of not missing trains. And every time I’ve missed one, it’s been someone else’s fault! Here’s a brief recap of various missed trains and planes over the years. Missed the … Continue reading

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PLANEJOTTING REDUX: Dude, Where’s My Suitcase?

We are back from our soul-crushing detour to Atlanta. I can’t say the same for our three suitcases, which have been either at Newark or JFK, depending on which Delta baggage rep you speak with, since Sunday. What Delta says … Continue reading

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PLANEJOTTING: Not So Hot-lanta

First off, a big thanks to Straphanger Joe for stepping in to keep the site fresh in my absence.   The family vacay was great–sun, beach, and an endless supply of buffet food and cerveza in the Dominican Republic. All … Continue reading

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