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Smells Like Team Spirit

The Missus was amused to find an ad for Yankee-flavored cologne and perfume at Hawthorne station yesterday. Noted the NY Times when the scents, at $62 for the big bottle, were released: It’s practically a Zen koan: what is the … Continue reading

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New Nosh For New Canaan Commuters

We don’t know much about commuting in and out of Connecticut, except that Westport commuters tend to have their station skipped now and then, and our pal ConnecticEnergy sure seems to encounter some boneheaded riders out of Stamford. But we … Continue reading

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Come On Feel the Noyee-eeaze

I was late, and cold, as I flew on my bike down Heartbreak Hill. I was thankful for the warmth of the wool mittens The Missus had knitted for me many years ago. (More on that tomorrow.) I was cruising … Continue reading

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The Con’s of Santa-Con

The Santa-Con hangover, Hawthorne station. Me and The Missus ventured into Gotham for our annual mid December bacchanalia that is my old rugby club’s annual awards dinner, with TJ’s Mom and Dad nice enough to schlep to the 914 to … Continue reading

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Scamtrak & Glamtrak: A Tale of Two Train Trips

We put Amtrak to a major test over the long Rosh Hosh weekend, as the four of us–TJ, The Missus, Little G, Little Miss C–took the train to Newport News, Virginia en route to Big Sis’s place in Virginia Beach, and … Continue reading

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Those Switches are Bitches

We were cruising along 0n the northbound 5:27, en route to our families, dinner, nightly dose of Brian Williams, martini, or whatever it is you do when you return to your domicile. It was a little shy of Scarsdale when … Continue reading

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Dam It, Where’s My Movie?

In the almost five years we’ve been in Westchester, we’d never ventured to one of the outdoor summer movies they show at Kensico. I remember seeing signs for it as we circled the crazy Bronx River Loop like the Griswolds … Continue reading

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PLANEJOTTING: Delta Redeems Self

We’ve switched gears to Planejotting mode to blast Delta Airlines in the past, and when we were done with that, we blasted Delta a little more. And then some more. Our primary gripe centered around a trip the TJs took to the … Continue reading

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The Sunday Commute Bonus Edition

Since I don’t spend nearly enough time riding the rails to New York City, we packed up the gang to head in for a day trip yesterday. Little G is obsessed of late with two colossal things: skyscrapers and dinosaurs. … Continue reading

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Cheap Trip to Punta Cana

We were fairly psyched when we saw the first signs of a new restaurant along Hawthorne’s sleepy strip in the fall. Indeed, Punta Cana Restaurant promised “Spanish & Portuguese food”–a nice variation from the red sauce and bar food available … Continue reading

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