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Straphanger Joe: Looking for the Obvious

There’s a poster in front of me showing two guns, one red the other black with the caption, Which is real and which is a toy? above it. These public service ads have been out since since December but every time I … Continue reading

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Three’s Company or a Crowd? Ask Straphanger Joe.

THE POWER OF NOW At 9:10 a.m. I enter the F-train from my usual spot: the no-man’s land between the two stairs going up to the main level of Roosevelt Station in Jackson Heights. Inside, a roomful of open seats … Continue reading

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Straphanger Joe is Tall For His Neighborhood

Armpit Grip  A woman’s head was under my armpit. It fit, I’ll give you that.  On a crowded train you do what you have to do. I’d been caught Tuesday morning in the crush to get on the F train … Continue reading

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