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Through the Morning Commute, Darkly

I hopped on at Hawthorne, as I do each day, and the car was surprisingly jammed. I made my way south and saw the open 1-3/4-seater. I don’t absolutely need the private folding seat, like some people I board with; … Continue reading

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New Bose ‘Phones Have Near-Fatal Flaw

After an interminable intro peppered with forced holiday references, NY Times tech guy David Pogue gets around to his actual review of the new Bose QuietComfort 15 headphones. Fancy Bose ‘phones are popular with train commuters, who find themselves jammed … Continue reading

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Please Tell Me Where You are So I Can Kill You

Not sure if it’s the case with other railroads around the world, but Metro-North has this knack for putting forth truly awful performances on the first day back from holiday breaks. The 8:16 rolled in at the normal time this … Continue reading

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‘Broken Tracks’ Slow Harlem Line Commute

We knew something was up just after we left White Plains at 8:28 this morning, the train positively crawling along as it quixotically (Editor’s Note: First time “quixotically” has ever appeared on Trainjotting) crawled toward the city. We limped through Hartsdale … Continue reading

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The Trainjotting Product Review: The iPod Nano

It’s been almost two months since my iPod Classic died and was replaced by the leaner, sleeker Nano, so I thought it was about time to offer up the official Trainjotting Nano review. Two notes before we start. 1. A … Continue reading

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The Car Train Gets Two Thumbs Up

Our little sister was in Westchester over the weekend, en route to taking the girls i on a little vacation in the Irish Catskills. Kat and Brian were fresh off the Amtrak car train from Florida (near Orlando) to Virginia (near … Continue reading

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The Aiwa TX516 Rides Again

Well, it appears the iPod is officially dead, eternally stuck on “Shuffle Songs” without actually shuffling songs. So I dusted off the old–as in very old–cassette Walkman, technically an Aiwa TX516, with “SUPER BASS” for those moments when the bass … Continue reading

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