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Mole People Flock to ‘Underbelly’ Exhibit

There’s a brilliant new art exhibit going on in New York, and you’ll never get to see it, as it occupies an unused underground subway station. The “Underbelly Project” organizers tipped off a Times reporter and took him/her into the … Continue reading

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Jumping Onto Subway Tracks is Never a Good Idea

The NY Times’ City Room blog has a fun item about just what it would take to get otherwise normal New Yorkers (uh, oxymoron, perhaps?) to jump down into the subway tracks. Of course, a man died last weekend doing … Continue reading

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Straphanger Joe Says There’s No ‘Sub’ in ‘Subliminal’…But There Still is in ‘Subway’

Party in the Bottle   It used to be the advertisements were subliminal for alcohol. If you looked carefully at the ice in the glass of scotch in the ad, you’d see a naked or half-naked woman, or a man … Continue reading

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L Train Wins “Subway Shmutz” Study

The Straphanger’s Campaign has released its ninth annual “Subway Shmutz” cleanliness study. The survey revealed that subway cars are slightly cleaner than in 2005, and that the L train, with an 88% cleanliness rate, is the pick of the, well, litter. “Passengers … Continue reading

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