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A Metaphor In Search of a Story

“The creaky doors on our ancient M1 train had a harder time closing than Bobby Parnell.” Not enough to build a post around, just thought I’d share.

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MTA Resorts to Hand-Written Signs

As we’ve noted in these cyber-pages, there’s been some confusion about the new bus schedules following the MTA’s massive cost cutting in recent months–especially regarding the M-1 along Park Avenue South. By the looks of this sign on the M-1 … Continue reading

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Does This Bus Stop at 28th Street?*

All sorts of weirdness on the M1 bus this week. I hopped on at 40th and Park Ave South yesterday, and didn’t realize until we’d pulled out at 34th Street that the next stop was 23rd–five blocks south of where … Continue reading

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An Open Letter To:

The M1 bus. I take you, M1 bus, every once in a while, when the mankind morass assembled at the 4-5-6 train escalators in Grand Central seems too foreboding, or these tired legs just don’t have the requisite spring to … Continue reading

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I Guess Some People Just Prefer Non-Verbal Communication

Number of words uttered by grim-faced M1 busdriver after I boarded and said “Good morning” today: 0 Number of times grim-faced M1 busdriver honked her horn as the M1 plodded through construction-induced congestion on Park Ave. South between 40th and … Continue reading

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Jimmy Sneakers Prefers the Bus

We’d like to introduce you, dear reader, to a fresh new voice in metropolitan-area commuter bloggery. Once dubbed “one of the most hilarious writers about sports ever” by a mid-level media critic (we’re totally serious), Jimmy Sneakers puts pen to … Continue reading

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