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Can Someone Please Help Iris K?

So, are New Roc City and Mount Vernon safe enough for an upstanding commuter to live in? Reader Iris K wants to know. Have at it. I’ve been having a tough time trying to get a straight answer on this … Continue reading

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‘Pelham Prowler’ Strikes Again

The simple task of walking home from the train station has a little edge to it in Pelham and other New Haven Line stations these days, as a mugger remains on the loose. Reports The Daily Pelham: Following the third … Continue reading

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Armed Robber(s) Targeting Commuters

As if a ride on the beleaguered New Haven Line wasn’t aggravating enough, commuters in various southern Westchester communities connected by that train line are being hit by a robber dressed all in black and brandishing a silver gun. Commuters … Continue reading

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Violence at New Rochelle Station

New Rochelle’s erstwhile “up and coming” status was bumped down another peg after an assault on a commuter departing at New Rochelle station was jumped by six teens, reports the Journal News, resulting in a broken shoulder. The incident happened … Continue reading

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Saluting The Vacant Bronx Station Houses

The Sunday “Real Estate” section of the NY Times has a big story on the vacant Bronx station houses of the old New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad. A dozen stations were projected in 1904, when the railroad began … Continue reading

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How About Those Jet-Packs I Keep Hearing About?

The May issue of Westchester Magazine has some fun with a look at Westchester in the year 2020–a county with a lower level on the Tappan Zee bridge for trains, residential areas built around transit, county-sponsored cars on-demand, and maybe … Continue reading

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Walkway Debris in New Roc Knocks Out Trains

Service was suspended on the New Haven Line this afternoon when some debris on the pedestrian overpass at New Rochelle station was blown about by those brutal winds. The flotsam crashed into a train around noon, reports the Journal News, … Continue reading

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The Worst Round Trip You’ll Ever Hope to Have

From our Westport correspondent Saugatucker: This morning I was stuck in the Bronx for an hour because of the tunnel fire.  A nice, leisurely sunny trip. Tonight after work, I got on the 7:05 at Grand Central to go home … Continue reading

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Can Someone Please Help This Person?

Either someone’s setting me up for a no-brainer quip about New Rochelle’s crime issue, or they have a genuine question. Dear Trainjotting, is there overnight parking at the New Rochelle Amtrak Station? thanks. mc Can anyone help young mc?

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The Great Train Revelry, Part II: New Haven Line

It’s the second of three installments of “The Great Train Revelry,” the Metro-North pub-crawl feature that appeared in the Journal News mag INTown. Part I focused on the Harlem Line, and Part II on the New Haven Line. Extra added bonus: … Continue reading

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