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Yellow Fever in Mount Pleasant

There’s a meeting tonight, at Westlake High School library, regarding the use of school buses in the Mt Pleasant district. Faced with strict budget limitations, and residents’ perpetual concerns about raised taxes, the district is kicking around the idea of … Continue reading

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Bus Stop Or Bust

Yesterday, you walked your beloved little one out to the bus stop. If the kid was starting kindergarten, you took pictures. If he/she is in first grade, you offered an extra long hug, an extra-impassioned “I’ll miss you.” If it’s … Continue reading

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JerseyJim Gets Stuck on (Un)Quiet Car With Several Thousand of His Closest Friends

Freight Train Running Through the Middle of My Head With the cold weather settling in, I’m getting choosy about the right place to stand on the platform in the morning. Alignment with the train doors is crucial. Lots of seats … Continue reading

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The Musician on the Bus Goes Strum, Strum, Strum

Fun item in today’s NY Times Metropolitan Diary that shows NY bus drivers aren’t always gruff and soulless. DEAR DIARY: A visitor in the city with a guitar and suitcase, I boarded the M60 bus at 125th Street. “How much … Continue reading

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Bee-Line Bus-ted

The 2005 Bee-line bus route at Hawthorne station this morning. Bus route maps are like wine–better with age, right? 2005 was a good year for both, right? I mean, nothing’s changed on the bus line in the last six years. … Continue reading

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Former Teen Subway Thief Pilfers Bus

Nefarious Darius Darius McCollum was arrested again. Of course, the name does not mean a thing to do. Why would it? But you’re well familiar with McCollum’s crimes, starting with the one that put him on the (subway) map. Yes, … Continue reading

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MTA Resorts to Hand-Written Signs

As we’ve noted in these cyber-pages, there’s been some confusion about the new bus schedules following the MTA’s massive cost cutting in recent months–especially regarding the M-1 along Park Avenue South. By the looks of this sign on the M-1 … Continue reading

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QM22 Bus “Family” Breaking Up

Since buses have emerged as a theme on Trainjotting this week, we ease a day closer to the long weekend with a story from the NY Times’ Metropolitan section on the dmise of the QM22 bus, which goes from Jackson … Continue reading

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Miffed At Your Bus Driver? Say It, Don’t Spray It

We’ve seen irate passengers menace drivers with metal hook appendages–quite recently, in fact–but we’ve (thankfully) never seen one spit on a driver. Yet it happens–quite a bit, in fact. The NY Times says there were 51 reported “spat upon” incidents, … Continue reading

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Does This Bus Stop at 28th Street?*

All sorts of weirdness on the M1 bus this week. I hopped on at 40th and Park Ave South yesterday, and didn’t realize until we’d pulled out at 34th Street that the next stop was 23rd–five blocks south of where … Continue reading

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