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A (Train) Trip Down Memory Lane

Sticking our nose back into the oddly delightful Mount Pleasant: A History of a New York Suburb and Its People, we see that train commuters in Hawthorne in the mid 1800s didn’t have a whole lot of options. Two trains … Continue reading

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Redcoat Terrorism and Commuting Via Horse-and-Buggy: A Brief History of Hawthorne

The Missus picked up an interesting treat at the library late last week. (Paying what we do in taxes, we try to get our money’s worth by taking dozens of books out of the library each day and creating as … Continue reading

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Cheap Trip to Punta Cana

We were fairly psyched when we saw the first signs of a new restaurant along Hawthorne’s sleepy strip in the fall. Indeed, Punta Cana Restaurant promised “Spanish & Portuguese food”–a nice variation from the red sauce and bar food available … Continue reading

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Swiss Au Pair Marks Miserable Milestone

As our 3-year-olds frolicked about recently, a local cop friend started bending my ear about the book Circle of Fire, which tells the tragic tale of a Swiss nanny in Mount Pleasant and the gruesome death by fire of the … Continue reading

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A ‘Shitty’ Morning, Indeed

Jeez, what a morning. I was cutting it close this morning, and had to park the steel chariot (I’ve rebranded my bicycle) in the usual bike rack, not against the fence under the overpass, which provides a bit of protection … Continue reading

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Hawthorne Gets a Restaurant!

I cruised by the little strip mall with the Chinese food restaurant, the laundromat and not much else on the way home from work yesterday, and saw the first signs of life in the northernmost storefront in almost three years. … Continue reading

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Hawthorne Gets Own Show

It’s been quite a few weeks for the little hamlet of Hawthorne–first, there were signs for a new wine shop in its tiny downtown, and then the cable channel TNT announced it was setting a new drama in the burg–and … Continue reading

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