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2011 Storm Stories Vol. 23

Hey, what’s another foot of snow, right? I’m getting pretty good at the drill–get out there and snowblow the driveway, kiss the kiddies and Missus good bye, and set out on foot for the station. The first thing I did … Continue reading

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The Day After the Blizzard 2011

I wimped out on heading to the city yesterday in the face of 12 inches of snow, choosing the enviable ‘work from home’ option, and the railroad got its payback on me this morning. I debated biking versus walking to … Continue reading

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TRAINJOTTING TURNS 4: Snurricane 2010–Slow Start But a Strong Finish

Since I wimped out on going to work in yesterday’s storm, here’s one from last year. Originally ran Feb. 2010. 7 a.m., wake up, survey my outdoor surroundings, think I’ve woken up on Mars. 7:15 a.m., tune in to Fox … Continue reading

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THE GREAT BLIZZARD OF 2010: 43,000 Hardy Souls Make the A.M. Trek

Metro-North reports that 43,000 people absolutely had to get to work via the railroad this morning. That’s down from the norm of 55,000–meaning 21% of the daily commuters opted for the snow day. We’re happy to report we’re one of … Continue reading

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We Stand Corrected

Earlier today, I chastised our newspaper lady Dolores L. for failing to deliver the newspapers for the second time in a few weeks. I owe Dolores L. an apology. In fact, the Missus informed us that the newspapers were buried … Continue reading

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Ask Engine Bob

Q: Engine Bob, is it legit for Metro North to blame late trains on snow and ice? I mean, how many problems can a few inches of snow really cause a train? A: Believe it or not, quite a few. … Continue reading

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