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More Feet, More Agony

Back on the rails today for the first time in over a week, thanks to a few work-from-homes sandwiched around my annual trip to Vegas. (Two thoughts about Vegas: the monorail remains a very underrated way to cruise the Strip … Continue reading

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New Haven Riders Dig New Cars…Mostly

Riders on the Beleaguered New Haven Line (BNHL) were very pleased to get a new car to ride on yesterday, and today. (Painstakingly) slowly but surely, Metro-North is rolling out the new M8 cars, though most riders on the line … Continue reading

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CTRider Will Help You Silence Your Digital Device

I hate your Cellphone/PDA. You know who you are.  You’ve got a Blackberry, iPhone or other modern device that is capable of making all sorts of obnoxious noises. At this point, most train commuters have been socialized to speak quietly … Continue reading

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CTRider Feels the Pane

So I’m on the 5:01 to New Haven, and everything seems pretty normal….  All of the sudden I feel a rush of cool air like I’ve never felt on the train before.  I spin around to check out the door … Continue reading

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Tenements Falling, Trains Crawling

A building tumbles to the ground on 124th Street. The evening commute comes grinding to a halt for Metro-Northers. All I can say is, it was a great day to be working from home. (Call it luck of the Irish!) … Continue reading

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Trainjotting Party Tomorrow

The Trainjotting switchboard has been flooded with calls today from people asking about tomorrow’s soiree. (OK, we don’t really have a switchboard, and if we did, we’re sure it would hardly be flooded.) Here are some FAQs about the party: … Continue reading

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CTRider Gets an Earful…and a Noseful

It only takes a person or two to completely destroy the normally curteous routines of silence and isolation that the everyday commuter cherishes. The evening was starting out great.  I had just wrapped up a productive day in the office, … Continue reading

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