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JerseyJim Says Leaves are Blowin’ in the Wind

With the big Nor’easter coming our way, SLIPPERY RAIL CONDITIONS are likely to hit New Jersey as soon as tomorrow.  I missed my usual NY train, and had to sprint to catch the 7:43 train to Hoboken., where I found … Continue reading

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Rough Riding on the Rails

Halloween. The season of ghosts, goblins, children dressed as CC Sabathia, and other scary things. It’s also the season of the dreaded slippery rail–the oily leaf residue that sticks on train tracks in the northeast and causes all sorts of … Continue reading

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What ‘Rudolph’ Has to Do With Slippery Rail

Little G thoroughly enjoyed the first 40 minutes of holiday clay-mation classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer last night, and was particularly intrigued by the Island of Misfit Toys. He couldn’t comprehend why a child would refuse an elephant with spots, … Continue reading

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Slip-Sliding Away

Fearing that too many riders thought “Slippery Rail” was the reason LIRR workers gave for their bum knees and sore backs on their disability forms, the MTA issued printouts on Metro-North yesterday informing riders of the autumnal peril alternately known as … Continue reading

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Things That Make Me S.A.D.

The leaves are falling faster than the Dow. Every day, the giant tree at the entrance to the Hummerville train station gets a little more sparse, the pile below it a little thicker. The chilly air finds every gap in … Continue reading

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Metro-North Laughs in the Face of Gloopfest 2008

I thought I was in for hellish rides both yesterday, as a determined snowfall blanketed the area, and this morning, as a nasty freezing rain turned the whole thing into a gloopy wet mess. In fact, Metro-North came up aces … Continue reading

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Metro-North Slays Slippery Beast

As we suspected, the dreaded Slippery Rail phenomenon has indeed been snuffed out by quick thinking Metro-North brass. Here we are in December, and except for an occasional skid past a station platform (why is it always Valhalla?), we’ve experienced … Continue reading

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