Metro-North Explains “Slippery Rail” on YouTube

If you’ve ever had trouble explaining to friends and loved ones why your train is frequently late, or short a number of cars, this time of year, here’s a handy two-minute video explaining the scourge of Slippery-Rail Syndrome, or, as Metro-North calls it in this video, “Slip-Slide Syndrome.”

We are of course talking about the “slimy, slippery residue” that coats rails after the leaves fall this time of year.

Peppy music accompanies a train rolling down the tracks, with a Noo Yawk-talkin’ narrator explaining the syndrome–and what Metro-North is doing to “degunk” the rails” and give you some semblance of a normal commute. (To be sure, it’s much, much, much less of an issue than when I first started commuting four years ago.) 

One commenter particularly enjoyed the narration. Writes “RoboBoy”:  “The narrator sounds like a cross between Alec Baldwin and George? Carlin. With the smooth jazz, I feel like I’m watching a strange cross between an informational video from the late 80s and Thomas the Tank Engine.”

Check out the “Rail Scrubbers”–cheesy yellow Metro-North-emblazoned pickup trucks ghetto-fitted with scrub brushes for cleaning the rails as the truck rolls down the track.

YouTube also offers a Metro-North-produced vid about the long-rumored M8 cars, which the video says began testing last December, and will be introduced on the New Haven Line this fall, as in, like, now. Recall that we checked with Metro-North a few weeks ago to see what was up with the lack of new cars on the New Haven Line, and they said that just one train comprised of eight cars is slated to be in service by mid to late December–which I guess technically qualifies as fall 2010, but probably won’t affect the typical NHL commuter any time soon.

In the video, loopy A Flock of Seagulls-esque synth music accompanies shots of the train’s interior, as if to suggest it’s something out of the future–which, at this rate, is probably when riders will actually get to sit in those sweet red seats.

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