Mystery Kid Rides Again

The kid bike was on the rack at Hawthorne again this morning.

It’s a tiny little dirt bike, with a lock so flimsy that I was surprised did not pop open in this morning’s sharp winds.

It looks like it’s suited for a kid that’s about 8 or 9.

In fact, the rack had all of five cycles on it once I pulled up. So for the second time this week, I did not get to chain my ride to one of the four nice U- (or upside down U, depending on your perspective) shaped bars in the middle of the rack (those are Park Place and Boardwalk), and instead had to chain myself to one of the outside bars and lean my bike against the side of the rack (that would be Baltic or Mediterranean Ave.).

But back to the kid bike. What’s the kid doing chaining his bike to the rack on the school day? Where is he going? Frankly, as Swiss nanny author Joyce Egginton points out, Mount Pleasant ain’t much of a draw for young people. Is he hopping the train to Gotham? Despite the considerable progress from Mount Pleasant Today, I wouldn’t exactly encourage kids to ride their bikes around Hawthorne.

Is the kid bike related to what looks like the dad bike–a beat-up mountain bike that showed up the same day the wee dirt bike did? Do kid and dad venture off together on dusty adventures, like the grim father-son combos on Cormac McCarthy novels? 

Maybe it’s not a kid riding the tiny bike at all. Maybe it’s a munchkin, a Smurf, a garden gnome. Hey, times are tough–maybe those guys have to commute to the city too.

I’ll get to the bottom of this soon.

By the way, our train featured six cars instead of the usual eight, so it was jammed, with people occupying the middle seat (“sittin’ bitch”, as the bikers say). The conductor acknowledged the shortfall but not the reason why. 

The short train reminded me of the dark days of 2006, when I was a commuting novice and Metro-North was very much at the mercy of the dreaded late fall Slippery Rail season.

Kudos to Metro-North for getting through this past fall without being victimized by the pesky leaf residue that used to knock cars out of commission.  

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1 Response to Mystery Kid Rides Again

  1. Susan says:

    Maybe it was considered an exurb back then…back when a 45 minute train ride to GCT wasn’t the norm.

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