Connecticut Man Decked on New Haven Line Train, Twice

The season finale of Mad Men offered up something that everyone can agree is fun to watch: weasely Pete Campbell, getting his lights punched out.

It was minor solace, I’m sure, but at least Lane Pryce exited this world knowing he’d scored a decisive TKO of Pete.

In the finale, two more guys could lay claim to such a distinction. First off, Pete outed himself as the object of fellow commuter Howard’s wife’s affection when he blames the oafish Howard for forcing his wife to have electroshock. (It’s funny how Pete always opts to sit facing the back of the train, even though the seat across from him is always open. It’s just the kind of guy Pete is, I guess.)

Howard levels Pete, who then is told to apologize by a conductor.

Pete and the conductor share some harsh words.

Conductor: “I’m about to throw you off.”

Pete: “Go ahead, you fat piece of crap.”

Conductor: “I am an officer of the New Haven line.”

Pete: “Well, I’m the president of the Howdy Doody Circus Army.”

The portly and gray conductor then slugs Pete.

Battered and bloody, Pete returns home to inform his wife that he once again drove into a ditch because he works such long hours.

A sympathetic Trudy counters with what Pete has wanted all along: a New York City apartment to conduct his affairs in private.

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One Response to Connecticut Man Decked on New Haven Line Train, Twice

  1. G. Francis says:

    As the conductor called out “Next stop Harrison” after the altercation, I’m proud to assume that all of the Pete punching happened within the village of Mamaroneck. We should put up a plaque.

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